Deepwater quay

A deepwater quay will contribute to new business activity and help to safeguard jobs in Mo i Rana and the region

Building a new deepwater quay in Mo i Rana will represent an important long-term investment for further commercial development. This calls for the government to improve the fairway to the Toranes quay and the new deepwater facility so that larger ships can access Mo i Rana more easily. A new quay would trigger other major spending on infrastructure.

Developing the port and fairway at Mo i Rana, and the chance this provides to move more freight onto ships, are closely related to the opportunities for creating new commercial activity in one of Norway’s largest industrial regions. Good logistics for existing companies will also be crucial in safeguarding their continued operation in the region. The deepwater quay project – which includes a new intermodal terminal – is therefore highly significant.

Billions of kroner in spin-offs

Port traffic is growing worldwide, and the Rana Industrial Terminal already ranks as one of the busiest facilities of its kind in Norway. In addition to difficulties related to capacity and quay strength, a limited draught of just eight metres poses a problem. Many of the more than 100 companies at the Mo Industrial Park have growth ambitions for the future. Combined with plans for major industrial projects in the region, these goals mean that expansion could be restricted by lack of infrastructure if a solution is not found quickly.

Companies in the region compete globally, and efficient logistics represents a critical element in their competitiveness. Maritime transport is the only viable option for bringing in raw materials and distributing finished products. It is also the most environment-friendly solution. Road haulage is not a realistic alternative for many industrial products, and also has major negative environmental and climate effects. Investing in greater port capacity and a deeper fairway for Rana is therefore a matter of urgency. Establishing a new intermodal terminal in combination with the deepwater quay will also open new transfer opportunities between road, rail and sea.

All set to go

The quay project is ready to go as soon as funds for the dredging work become available. Environmental geology and geotechnical work has been done, while the county governor has issued a sediment storage permit. Discharges from the days when the state operated iron and coke works in the town have polluted the seabed in Mo i Rana’s port. Environmental dredging and safe storage of sediments will help to remove these deposits from the Rana Fjord.



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