Arctic Circle Airport

New airport for Mo i Rana and Helgeland

Rana Utvikling AS is making a substantial contribution to the work of securing a large airport for Mo i Rana and the wider Helgeland region.

This facility will provide a growth impulse to help increase employment across industries as well as the population of the region across all its local authorities. A new airport will be particularly significant in developing one of Norway’s most important regions for green industry and seafood production, with a great potential for tourism and travel.

Rana Utvikling has been particularly involved in planning, government relations and coordination for the Arctic Circle Airport and Rana local authority, which is driving the project. It is also contributing to the work of creating business development opportunities and inputs from a new airport, including a commitment to tourism and travel.

Following a public consultation, the Civil Aviation Authority of Norway has submitted a licence application to the Ministry of Transport, together with a positive recommendation.

The Storting (parliament) approved the realisation of a large airport at Mo i Rana when adopting the 2017 National Transport Plan. Some NOK 1.5 billion in government funds were allocated to the project, with the ambition of starting to build as soon as possible. The business community and Rana local authority are contributing the remaining finance up to NOK 600 million.

The Polarsirkelen Lufthavnutvikling (PLU) company, owned by business interests in eight local authorities, was responsible for developing this major project until the spring of 2020.

After the green light was given, competitive tenders were invited for a turnkey development contract. Peab, with Hæhre and others as subcontractors, was awarded the job in February 2020. This is costed at NOK 1 717 million, plus developer costs and so forth.

Work is set to begin in the autumn of 2021, with the new airport scheduled to open in the second half of 2024.



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Establishment service

The establishment service is provided by Rana local authority for entrepreneurs and companies seeking to set up a business in the Rana region.