“From the mountain to the sea in northern Helgeland”

Systematic efforts to achieve the integrated development of a tourist destination must be based on the desires and needs of both visitors and locals, a sustainable overall perspective, and the conditions and opportunities offered.

Developing northern Helgeland for tourism

A process for enhancing northern Helgeland as a tourist destination was initiated in September 2020 at the initiative of Rana Utvikling. It is also leading this work on behalf of the Hemnes, Nesna, Lurøy, Træna, Rødøy and Rana local authorities.

A broad-based management committee has been established, with representatives from tourist industries and council administrations in all six of these authorities. It will also be desirable to involve every player with an stake in and a deep commitment to developing tourism in the region.

The Mimir AS consultancy has been commissioned to head the process, which is being pursued as a collaboration between tourism companies, cultural and experience enterprises, transport providers, retailers, landowners, other relevant players and the local authorities.

This work will lead to an overall strategic document which describes a collective long-term framework (which could well be called a tourism strategy or master plan) for developing the destination.

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Oppsummering fra workshop med aktørene 27.10.2020 på Havblikk Nesna

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