Helgeland Hospital

Helgeland Hospital

Rana Utvikling AS has been engaged since 2015 on ensuring that Mo i Rana retains a strong hospital provision, as specified in the council’s strategic business plan. This work has been commissioned by Rana local authority.

Mo i Rana is northern Norway’s third largest town, with big growth ambitions for green industry, the service sector and urban development. A hospital with acute medicine functions is not only necessary for the local population, but also represents crucial infrastructure for the new environment-friendly business activities currently taking shape. Emergency response facilities are important in themselves for industry. At the same time, companies and the hospital derive mutual benefits in terms of recruitment and partner jobs.

The decision taken by the Ministry of Health and Social Care in January 2020 envisages two acute hospitals in Helgeland. That is in line with the views expressed throughout by Rana municipality on the need for a balanced and non-divisive solution for the region.

For Rana it is unfortunate that the hospital administration will be moved, a decision that was not examined and against the reccomendation from both the administration in Helgeland hospital and by the regional health authority. The department that created the profits from 2002-2019, profits the enterprise will use for investments, was not rewarded.

Mo i Rana faces significant growth in employment and population in the years to come. And we are convinced that hospital services will develop as well.

Our task is to ensure good solutions for the population and the business community if the hospital – by far the largest in Helgeland – is given development opportunities which benefit recruitment, expertise-building and patient treatment in the region.



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Establishment service

The establishment service is provided by Rana local authority for entrepreneurs and companies seeking to set up a business in the Rana region.