Welcome to Mo i Rana!

Whether you are only considering moving, or have decided, you are more than welcome to Mo i Rana!

Mo i Rana is Northern Norway’s third largest city and in rapid development. We have a world leading green industrial hub, a good mix of private and public sector jobs, a hospital, railway, and we aim to be bigger!

With building a new airport, FREYR’s five battery factories and deep seaport we are expecting a huge population boost in the years to come!

In this article will we tell you about job oppertunities, housing, traveltime to work, the cultural scene and some moving tips!

Do you or your partner need a job?

Mo I Rana has a diverse and varied labor market. With both small and large employers in both the private and public sector there are many opportunities!

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Useful links

Below we have a number of useful links that may be worth visiting if you are moving to Mo i Rana. If you have more useful links, feel free to send us tips!

Experience Rana

Something for all

We have a rich culture scene with festivals year-round! We have dedicated festivals for jazz, country and pop-music where big artists like Jan Gunnar Hoff, Ole Ivars and Broiler have performed! Here is something for all tastes!

Nordland Theatre can offer plays and theatre for young and old with shows like The Brothers Lionheart, Moby Dick and Eva, Hitler’s lover.

If you like speed and excitement Arctic Circle Raceway can offer motorsport with track days, festivals and championships!

Well-developed biathlon scene

Mo i Rana also has a well-developed biathlon scene and has hosted the Norwegian championships several times. We are proud of current and former national team athletes like Tom Sandberg (olympian and world champion), Elin Nilsen (Norwegian champion and olympic medalist) and Emilie Kalkenberg (European champion).

We have a modern alpine centre 10 minutes from downtown by car. In addition, a new ski jump close to the city centre is under construction at Fageråsbakken.

A region of excitement

Rana can offer more than itself! With the Svartisen nationalpark to the north, Sweden and Hemavann to the east, Okstindan nature and culture park to the south and the Helgeland coast with Træna and Lovund islands to the west are we surrounded by excitement!

You will not lack experiences here!