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Ole M. Kolstad


Mobile: +47 948 61 306

Ole M Kolstad has a BSc in social sciences (specialising in international relations) from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) and an MBA (specialising in strategy) from Nord University.

Cecilie Nordvik


Mobile: +47 975 78 725

Cecilie Nordvik studied tourism, marketing and international relations at the University of Waikato in New Zealand, the University of South Australia and Sør-Trøndelag University College (now the Norwegian University of Science and Technology – NTNU).

She has broad and long experience in tourism and market communication from such employers as Nordland county council, where she worked as an adviser on tourism and as marketing manager for Visit Bodø.

At Rana Utvikling, Nordvik serves as project manager for tourism and destination development.

Annfrid Olsen


Mobile: +47 907 53 322

Annfrid Olsen has a Master of Business Economics from the Norwegian Business School in Bodø (HHB) and an MSc in organisation and social psychology from the London School of Economics (LSE).

Her specialisation is innovation and development, and she wrote dissertations on “Successful product design – a study of Ekornes” and “Cultural enablers and inhibitors to innovation”.

Olsen has broad experience of both advising companies and project management after 12 years with Rana Utvikling and three as a company adviser at Sparebanken Nord-Norge in Bodø.

At Rana Utvikling, she heads the business establishment service on behalf of Rana local authority. This service aims to strengthen and develop an entrepreneurial and innovative culture in Rana.

Olsen also leads the Væxt co-working space, the Inner Helgeland first-line network and the Helgeland Entrepreneur Week.

Kristin Frodahl Rognerud


Mobile: +47 482 430 33

Kristin Frodahl Rognerud has an MSc in international environmental studies from the Norwegian University of Life Sciences (NMBU) as well as a BSc in international politics from the University of Bergen. She spent time in China studying Chinese society and politics. In addition, she has studied international environmental legislation at the University of Oslo.

Rognerud has experience from the Norwegian Coastal Administration, where she worked as an adviser at its emergency response centre. Her experience also includes communication work in the private sector.

At Rana Utvikling, she works primarily with Midtskandia (Nordic collaboration projects), Venture North and Freyr Battery.

Allan Berg


Mobile: +47 9798 5865

Allan Berg studied the environment and technology at Roskilde University in Denmark and political science at Nord University.

He has experience from earlier jobs related to local environmental management.

At Rana Utvikling, Berg works primarily on projects related to the green shift and sustainable development.

Reidar Ryssdal


Mobile: +47 994 08 422

Reidar Ryssdal’s career includes 10 years as a political adviser in the Storting (parliament), covering transport and infrastructure, energy and the environment, industry, education and regional development. His work also included much contact with ministries and other national players.

He holds a degree in political science, economic history and media science.

At Rana Utvikling, Ryssdal serves as an infrastructure strategist. He is engaged by Polarsirkelen Lufthavnutvikling to support the realisation of a new airport, and also works on railway and port development. In addition, he deals with regional and inter-regional collaboration on transport solutions and planning processes.

He supports efforts to improve operating parameters for industry as well as the public and private sectors.

Ryssdal has also worked a good deal on planning processes, studies and analyses, political processes, government relations and marketing.

Bjarte Reve


Mobile: +47 971 09 585

Bjarte Reve has a master of management from the BI Norwegian Business School, an executive MBA from the Norwegian School of Economics (NHH), and further studies at Harvard and Yale.

He has worked particularly at the interface between research, health care and business, and has developed several life science organisations as their CEO.

These include the Oslo Cancer Cluster (OCC) and the Nansen Neuroscience Network (NNN). The first of these is recognised as a European hub in the commercialisation of cancer research, while the NNN links research with business in order to develop new diagnostic methods and treatments for brain diseases.

Reve is very familiar with government support systems, and has contributed to a number of consortia which have received backing from the Research Council of Norway, the EU or Innovation Norway.

Julie Myhre


Mobile: +47 976 66 195

Julie Myhre is currently completing an MBA in technology management at Nord University. She already holds a bachelor’s degree in international marketing from the BI Norwegian Business School in Trondheim and Nanyang Technological University in Singapore.

Myhre has experience from contract and project management after five years with Hæhre Entreprenør, where her assignments included contract management for the E6 highway development in the region. She also worked on tendering, organisation and planning of other projects in northern Norway and on Svalbard before joining Rana Utvikling. Before that, Myhre worked as a personnel coordinator at Wasco Coatings Norway.

At Rana Utvikling, she works as project manager for sustainable urban development – a project commissioned by Rana local authority and the Rana Region Chamber of Commerce. This will work to promote good collaboration between local authorities, business and landlords, a participation process for a new local sub-plan for urban development, and increased activity in the town centre.

Yasna Mimbela


Mobil: +47 408 56 225

Yasna has a bachelor in International relations from the University in Geneva and a master in migration mangement from the University of Neuchântel and the European centre of competance in migration research.

In the last 10 years, Yasna has worked in different countries to support governments and NGOs in their handeling of migration- and integration policy. She has worked for the United Nations, the Swiss government and NGOs.

Yasna is also the founder and CEO of Besity, a company that helps other companies and local authorities in their diversity and integration strategies.

In Rana Utvikling Yasna leads the project “Welcome to Mo i Rana” that focuses on developing and strengthening coordination and implementation of policy to increase the attraction of Mo i Rana and retain its population. She is responsible for implementation of the integration strategy in Rana to facilitate the relocation of FREYRs employees and families. The project is a part of VekstMObilisering and has a important part in establishing synergies among local actors and creating a positive and sustainable economic growth for the municipality.


Lars-Andreas Østvik


Mobile: +47 901 99 976

Lars-Andreas has a bachelor’s degree from TØH (Trondheim Economic Collage) in marketing, leadership and economics. He is currently taking a master’s degree in tech leadership at North University.

He has previously worked as the head of buisness sales in Helgeland Kraft and worked with large and small industry customers. He has a deep understanding of how the norwegian power market works and power prices in the Nordics.

He has experience in marketing, strategy and sales.

In Rana Utvikling Lars-Andreas is the head of the Growth Mobilization project, which aims to create relocation, ripple effects and synergies related to the establishment of FREYRs battery cell factories.

Jarl-Håkon Olsen

Communication advisor

Mobile: +47 417 89 518

Jarl-Håkon has a masters degree from Nord University as a lector in social studies with a major in history.

He has a communications background from politics and NGOs.

He works with strategic communication, press and media.

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