The Nordic Battery Belt

The Nordic Battery Belt

«Nordic Battery Belt Logistics» is a three-country project. The project partners and owners are the Kvarken Council – EGTC (lead part), Vaasa region business and development company (VASEK), Skellefteå Municipality, Kokkola region business and development company (KOSEK) and Rana Development Agency (RU).

The project will prepare a strategy on how the region’s logistics and infrastructure should be developed to support the “Nordic Battery Belt”. Johnson Matthey in Vaasa, Northvolt in Skellefteå, and Freyr’s planned establishment in Mo i Rana together form a battery belt that will affect the flow of goods and services throughout the region. It is time to gain an increased understanding of the transport and infrastructure needs that will arise, because of ongoing and planned establishments. In the region there is a common interest to reduce transport costs and the climate footprint throughout the battery value chain.

Rana Development Agency (RU) believes that it is an advantage to collaborate with Vasa and Skellefteå to become a visible Nordic battery region in Europe and the world. In a world perspective we are located close to each other, and through cooperation we will have more chances to succeed in the international competition.

The total budget is 300,000 euros. The largest contribution comes from Interreg Botnia-Atlantica programme.



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