Sustainable Urban Development of Mo i Rana

Foto: Leif Karstensen

Sustainable Urban Development of Mo i Rana

The project “Sustainable urban development Mo i Rana” will revitalize and organize the urban development work in Mo i Rana so that it benefits residents, businesses, and social actors throughout the region now and in the future.
Foto: Lars Solbakken

Rana is one of 12 municipalities and three counties that established the national Sustainability Network in 2020, with the goal of accelerating sustainable social change and contributing to achieving the UN’s sustainability goals by 2030. The project “Sustainable urban development” will contribute to achieving sustainability goal no. 11 Sustainable cities and communities, and No. 17 Cooperation to achieve goals.

The project’s 4 focus areas:

  1. Knowledge and sustainability
    An knowledge-based action plan for sustainable urban development in Mo i Rana is being created.
  2. Arena for collaboration
    Muncilipality, local business and landlords are forming a sustainable model of cooperation for urban development in Mo i Rana. This focus area contributes to more effective processes, and must be seen in context of establishing a sustainability lab as a arena for cooperation, and the use of Digital Twin as a visulization and simulation tool.
  3. Mobilization
    The urban development-project contributes to new forms of cooperation across sectors and key players, and so that the citizens become proud of Mo i Rana and good Rana-ambassadors.
  4. Activities in the city centrum
    The urban development project stimulates for increased activities in cooperation with key city players that focuses on place quality.

Sustainable Urban Development now and in the future

To retain a sustainable society in the future it is necessary to attract young adults. Public and private jobs are a part of that sollution. There has also been a increasing consciousness about the need to invest in a good society in order to turn the negative, demographic prognoses.



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Establishment service

The establishment service is provided by Rana local authority for entrepreneurs and companies seeking to set up a business in the Rana region.